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Google Messages Categories Feature Being Introduced

As we spotted in development last year, Google Messages will now “automatically sort your messages into categories.” This feature, along with auto-deleting one-time passwords (OTPs), is rolling out starting in India.

Google is leveraging machine learning to “keep your messages organized” by sorting them into four categories: Personal, Transactions, OTPs, and Offers. “All” is the default view, while there’s now a carousel — accompanied by icons — underneath the top search field.

That means, bank transactions and bills will be filtered into the transactions tab, while conversations with saved numbers can be easily located in the personal tab. All of this happens safely on your device so your conversations stay in the app and you can access your categorized messages offline.

That said, this organization method is entirely optional and you can default to the unified list.

Messages is also getting the option to automatically delete one-time passwords 24 hours after they’re received. This means you don’t have to manually manage your inbox, with Google billing this as an extension of spam protection that moves suspected messages out of view into the appropriate folder. A card in the “OTPs” category will let you enable this feature or select “No thanks.”

We’ve heard from many users in India that they receive a lot of different types of messages, from friends and family and businesses sending promotions, receipts, order confirmations and more. With so many incoming texts vying for your attention, it can be difficult to separate the important ones from everything else.

Google Messages is rolling out these categories starting in India over the coming weeks. English must be the set language on Android 8+ phones. It’s unclear if these two features are coming to other parts of the world.

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