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New private messaging app created by David Chaum

David Chaum has launched a new private messaging system that claims it can keep message data and information about its users secure against the most powerful computers. A new private messaging app called XX Messenger has been developed…

Using an iPhone made me realize why I love Android

iPhones are often lauded for their simplicity and their uniformity, and to be honest, it’s an interesting prospect. The world of Android can be murky and confusing, with hundreds of options if you really want to do your research on choosing…

Here’s How Android Apps Work on Windows 11

One of Windows 11’s most exciting features is the ability to install Android apps. You can finally use some of your favorite mobile apps on your desktop PC. How did Microsoft make this happen? Let’s take a look.a What You’ll Need Android…

Why I Use Microsoft Edge on Android

Microsoft Edge started life on Windows 10, but it’s now available on several platforms, including Android. Chrome is the default browser on most Android devices, but I’m here to tell you Edge is just as good—if not better. Edge Is Just…

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