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Huawei announces self-developed “Cangjie” programming language

Huawei has unveiled its own programming language, Cangjie, at the HDC 2024 developer conference today. The language is being touted as a new-generation option for all-scenario intelligence applications.


Huawei begins Cangjie programming language beta recruitment - Huawei Central

According to Huawei, Cangjie offers “native intelligence, natural all-scenario, high performance, and strong security.” It is said to integrate with the Huawei HarmonyOS ecosystem and provide a user-friendly development experience.

Here are some of the key features of Cangjie:

  • Native Intelligence: Cangjie boasts a built-in AgentDSL framework that combines natural language with programming language. This allows for multi-agent collaboration and simplified symbolic expressions.
  • Full-Scene Capabilities: The language is designed to be lightweight and scalable, with modular design for various scenarios. It also supports domain-oriented development.
  • High Performance: Cangjie features a new garbage collection system for smoother application threads and faster response times. Additionally, lightweight threads are said to improve concurrent performance.
  • Strong Security: Security is built into the language design to help developers avoid security vulnerabilities.

Cangjie is reported to be a multi-paradigm language supporting functional, imperative, and object-oriented programming styles. It also includes features like type inference, generics, and pattern matching to streamline development.

For developers concerned with safety, Cangjie offers a static-type system and automatic memory management to ensure program stability. It also provides runtime checks for error detection and cross-language interoperability security.

In terms of concurrency, Cangjie utilizes lightweight user-mode threads and concurrent object libraries. These features are designed to simplify development and improve resource usage.

Performance is another focus of Cangjie. The compiler and runtime are optimized for efficiency, including high-level and back-end compilation optimizations, as well as runtime optimizations.

A lightweight runtime design further contributes to performance and resource efficiency. Additionally, Cang jie offers a comprehensive development toolchain, including debugging, static checking, performance analysis, and testing frameworks.

The Huawei Hongmeng HarmonyOS NEXT Cangj ie language developer preview is now available for developers to sign up and explore.

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