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Huawei And Its Pura 70 Launch Puts More Pressure On Apple, Forcing It To Introduce Discounts On The iPhone 15 Lineup In China

Apple recently introduced a trade-in promotion in the U.S., where potential buyers can receive a higher credit on their older iPhones if they upgrade to a newer model. However, that is not the only region where the company has an ongoing offer because various online stores in China are slashing prices on select iPhone 15 models. For those wondering, it is likely Huawei and its recently launched Pura 70 series that has forced Apple’s hand.

Discounts of up to $318 have been applied to the top-end iPhone 15 Pro Max, as Apple is feeling the heat of Huawei’s resurgence

The discount period will end on May 28, and according to Reuters, the aggressive campaign has seen online retailers such as Tmall offer discounts of up to 2,300 yuan, or $318, on models like the 1TB version of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This is not the first time that Apple has discounted iPhones in China, as increased competition in the region forced the Cupertino firm to introduce price cuts back in January this year. Apart from Apple’s top-tier model, the 128GB of the iPhone 15 witnessed a 1,400 yuan or $193 discount.

During Apple’s Q2 2024 earnings, where the technology giant generated $90.75 billion in revenue, Statista revealed that China alone was responsible for $16.37 billion, or 18 percent of that figure. Naturally, Apple’s overall success is tied to one region, and with iPhone sales declining, it makes sense to offer discounts to revitalize dwindling shipments. Apple might also be focused on getting rid of excess inventory just in time for the iPhone 16 launch, which is slated to happen in the fourth quarter of this year.

Huawei is estimated to ship 10 million Pura 70 units in 2024, but that is just the start of what the former Chinese giant has planned to regain lost ground on its home turf. It also plans to introduce HarmonyOS Next, its in-house operating system that does not rely on AOSP and has been developed from scratch, as Huawei intends to rid itself of Google entirely. With such ambitions, Apple should be prepared to make its iPhone 16 range the best ever because those iPhone 15 discounts can only take the company so far in propping up annual shipments in China.

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