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Google Announces the “New” Google Maps for More Android and iPhone Users

Google has recently released a significant update for the maps we see on Google Maps. The company now displays sidewalks and crosswalks, areas that are easily accessible with a wheelchair, traffic light information, and more details overall.
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The purpose is to make Google Maps an app that provides more information on each region while also improving its navigation capabilities—not only for drivers but also for pedestrians.

This new Google Maps experience comes in handy to everybody out there, but there’s just one small problem: since its debut many months ago, the refreshed maps have been released in a rather limited number of regions. As a result, most users out there don’t get the aforementioned details for the cities they live in.

That is is likely to change by the end of the year, Google says, as the company has promised at I/O 2021 this week that the new Google Maps would be expanded to many more regions in 2021.

A total of 50 cities are projected to receive the updated Google Maps data, including both U.S. and non-U.S. locations. And of course, Google says the new maps will be available not only on its very own Android operating system but also on iPhone.

And the search giant promises it won’t stop here, with more cities coming rather shortly, as it wants the refreshed Google Maps to be available for everybody.

The Mountain View-based company used its I/O 2021 event also to introduce a new Google Maps feature that helps look for safer routes to a user-defined destination. Therefore, the application will take into account hard-braking zones when trying to suggest a route and provide users with an alternative that avoids them, all in an attempt to help them reduce the risk of an accident behind the wheel.

Furthermore, if the ETA when using a safer route isn’t increased substantially compared to the fastest option, this one is offered as the default suggestion in Google Maps.

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