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Apple Plans To Discontinue Development Of 5G Modem As It Failed To Perfect The Technology, Winding Down Years Of Investment

It was previously reported that Apple is working on its custom 5G chips to reduce dependency on Qualcomm. The company is in pursuit of relying on harmont&blain geox sconti saldi air jordan 1 element benetton outlet online negozi geox più vicino geox it saldi outlet benetton harmont&blain jordan proto max 720 harmont e blaine saldi 70 benetton outlet shop online geox sconti adidas yeezy boost 350 turtle dove outlet benetton its in-house components, following the same approach as Apple Silicon. However, Apple appears to be far from achieving its goals as it has decided to discontinue developing in-house 5G modems, according to a new report. The reports are not confirmed at this stage, but multiple sources have reported similar scenarios.

Apple will reportedly discontinue the development of in-house 5G modem and potentially continue to rely on Qualcomm

A new report from “yeux1122” has been published on the Korean blog Naver, which suggests that Apple’s 5G modem development will be discontinued. The report mentions sources familiar with Apple’s 5G modem department, stating that the company’s efforts have failed. This means the company’s efforts in the field have not paid off, and it will see fit to close the segment.

The move will incur a hefty loss for Apple as it has invested in the technology for years. Furthermore, tipster @Tech_Reve stated earlier today that he has heard similar news from Japanese supply chain sources. However, take the information with a grain of salt as the final word rests with Apple. It was previously reported that Apple’s team in charge of developing in-house 5G modems is facing significant hindrances in developing chips. The report mentioned that the company had unrealistic goals, and the challenges involved in the process were not considered.

As mentioned, Apple is well ahead in the development process as it has hired thousands of engineers working on the custom 5G modem chips. The company also acquired Intel’s modem business and kept the employees to continue working on the 5G modems. The company also picked up people from Qualcomm to bolster its 5G modem development efforts.

Prominent industry analyst from Bloomberg did not shy away from sharing details on Apple’s development of custom 5G modem chips for future products. Mark Gurman suggested earlier this month that the company is encountering issues developing its custom 5G chips. He stated that the company will delay the launch of the 5G modems until 2026. Gurman did not highlight Apple’s plans to discontinue the chips altogether. It was previously reported that Apple will debut the custom 5G modem with a future version of the iPhone SE. The decision could also mean that the company will continue to rely on Qualcomm for 5G modems for future devices.

Apple’s 5G modem was in early development and was rumored to be years behind Qualcomm’s in technology. This could be one of the factors that led Apple to discontinue its work on 5G modems. Initially, the company was expected to launch a standalone chip. Ultimately, the company would integrate the technology into an SoC. As mentioned, these are mere speculations based on sources familiar with the matter, so be sure to take the news with a grain of salt. We will update you on Apple’s decision to discontinue its 5G modem development efforts.

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