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Thai Green Prawn Curry

A fragrant and creamy Thai green prawn curry recipe with plump and juicy prawns and nutty edamame beans. Make your own Thai green prawn curry at home with this simple recipe and this easy to make Thai green curry paste. Better than a…

Potatoes and Eggs with Thai green coconut curry

I love the flavours of south east Asia but I find making the recipes difficult as I seldom have all the ingredients on hand and I usually cook with what’s in my fridge. To make up for this I always have green and red curry paste jars in the…


One of the things I love about curries is that they are so varied and adaptable—from soupy to thick and creamy, from mild to fiery, in colors yellow, green, red, or brown. This is one of my favorites, a yellow curry in a…

Gaeng Khiao Waan Gai (Thai Green Curry with Chicken)

Gaeng khiao waan gai, or green curry with chicken, is one of the most well-known and popular Thai curries in the world. A rich coconut milk-based curry, part of its crowd-pleasing nature is its balance: it’s spicy, but not too spicy; it’s…

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