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HarmonyOS is not an Android replacement, it’s a complete alternative for other phone makers: Huawei

The Trump government sanctions barred Huawei to do business with US companies and use Google Mobile Service (GMS) including Play Store, Gmail, Maps, and more. Due to this, Huawei released HarmonyOS first time at Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) 2019, but with limited capabilities.

But development never ends here, at HDC 2020, the company revealed the next version HarmonyOS 2.0 with new platform support including smartphones, tablets, smart wearables, and other as well as added new potential for further improvements.

At the moment, Huawei has opened the HarmonyOS 2.0 testing through the public developer beta program and soon starts general consumer closed beta, followed by a stable rollout in early June.

Previously, it was reported that after knowing the distributed capabilities of HarmonyOS some third-party smartphones maker reaching Huawei to adopt HarmonyOS on their phones.

Responding to this news, a Huawei spokesperson reached TechRadar and replied that HarmonyOS is not only designed to work as a replacement for Android on Huawei devices due to the US ban, but also an alternative for other smartphone brands, which are currently working with Android.

Firstly, Huawei needs to prove the HarmonyOS as a worthy operating system on Huawei phones before other companies even consider using it on their devices. In the coming year, if all goes well as Huawei planned then we could definitely see the third-party smartphone brands will take a turn towards HarmonyOS.

Currently, Google’s Android is the largest mobile operating system with 87% of smartphones running on this and followed by Apple’s iOS. Meanwhile, Huawei is working hard on HarmonyOS and leaving no stone or barriers in development, which could be the reason behind failure.

Stay tuned for more news HarmonyOS.


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