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Edge gets ‘Browser Essentials’ tool to help you monitor performance and security

Microsoft has announced a new tool for its browser to help users monitor performance and security. “Browser Essentials” is a journal-style dashboard that will eventually replace the current Performance Hub with its performance-oriented tools, such as Efficiency Mode and Sleeping Tabs.

In addition to providing access to existing features, Browser Essentials will give you a general score of how the browser performs. This will help you better understand Edge and know if you need to toggle on or off specific features, close a resource-hogging tab, etc.

Another addition to Browse r Essentials is SmartScreen reports and scanning results. It will show you how many websites and downloads SmartScreen analyzed, giving detailed insights into your browsing security. Besides your personal security details, Browser Essentials displays general information about protective measures in Edge, such as how many malicious websites and downloads it has blocked.

A screenshot of Microsoft Edge with the Browser Essentials windows open

Microsoft plans to expand the new tool based on customers’ feedback, so expect more to show in future updates. Right now, the Browser Essentials tool is available to all Canary users and about half the users in the Dev Channel. You can access Bro wser Essentials using a heart-shaped button on the main toolbar. Like most early changes in Edge, you can let Microsoft know what you think using thumbs-up/down buttons.

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