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Buxus Eva motorcycle style e-bike has 38 mph top speed from 1,000 W motor

The Buxus Eva and Buxus Eva-S e-bikes have been unveiled. Both vehicles have a design similar to a motorcycle, with a dual suspension system to suit various terrains. The Eva model has a top speed of 30 mph (~48 kph), while the Eva-S can reach 38 mph (~61 kph). The standard and S variants of the bike have a range of 64 miles (~103 km) and 75 miles (~121 km), respectively.

The Buxus Eva, described by the company as “an e-bike with a motorcycle spirit”, will soon start crowdfunding on Indiegogo. The gadget has a 750 W peak power hub motor providing a top speed of 30 mph (~48 kph) with three speed modes. According to Buxus, the engine improves the e-bike’s stability through its centre of gravity.

AI-powered responsive torque sensors help the vehicle to navigate hills and stairs, and a Samsung 960 Wh battery allows up to 64 miles (~103 km) range. A dual suspension system enables you to ride over various terrains with comfort and grip. You can use the accompanying app to view information about your bike and journey with real-time riding statistics. You can also use the app for keyless unlock and to push OTA updates to the Eva. Plus, the bike has a built-in alarm system and headlights.

An upgraded model, the Eva-S, will have a 1000 W mid-drive motor for a top speed of 38 mph (~61 kph) and up to 80 Nm of torque. A 1,200 Wh battery provides up to 75 miles (~121 km) range, charging fully in 4.5 hours. Both models have 20-in x 4.25-in fat tires and four-piston hydraulic brakes. It is currently unclear how much the Buxus Eva and Eva-S e-bikes will cost; you can now sign up to a mailing list to receive updates about the products and an undisclosed special offer.


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