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Meet Huawei’s First-ever 600kW Liquid-cooled Supercharging Station in Turkey

Electric vehicle drivers in Turkey have a whole new reason to celebrate! The country’s first 600kW liquid-cooled supercharging station, a collaboration between Enerji SA, Zebra, and Huawei Digital Energy, is now officially open. This supercharger was previously spotted, check out our coverage here. This isn’t your average charging station. Imagine this: you pull into the station, and by the time you finish your favorite beverage, your car is fully charged. That’s the promise of this innovative technology, boasting a speedy “cup of coffee and a full charge” experience.

The ultra-fast charging terminals can handle up to 4 vehicles simultaneously

The powerhouse behind this rapid refuel comes from Huawei. Their 600kW liquid-cooled supercharging host, paired with Zebra’s 500kW ultra-fast charging terminals, can handle up to four vehicles simultaneously. This means significantly reduced waiting times for EV owners on the go.

Huawei Charger

But speed isn’t the only perk. The system prioritizes sustainability. A rooftop photovoltaic system with an optimizer harnesses solar power, and space is reserved for future integration of an energy storage system. The commitment to green energy is further emphasized by EnerjiSA issuing green energy certifications for the electricity used at the station.

This project marks a significant step forward for both Turkey and Huawei. It aligns with Huawei’s ambitious goal of deploying tens of thousands of their ultra-fast charging stations across China in 2024, promoting “high-quality charging wherever there are roads.” With Turkey’s first station a success, could this technology be lighting the way for a future of rapid, eco-friendly EV charging on a global scale? I guess we’ll find out in due time!

Notably, Enerji SA offers a green energy certificate, implying that the respective charging stations run on renewable energy power plants to generate electricity. Besides, the Zebra firm offers two 500kW ultra-fast all-in-one dual guns that can charge 4 vehicles at a time.

Huawei Digital Energy says that it will work with more partners to bring supercharging solutions to more regions worldwide. This will ensure a better and safer driving experience.

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