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Google Drive adds audio playback speed and notification controls for Android

Google Drive is a fantastic way to manage and share content in the cloud, but it’s not perfect for every file type. If you’re constantly exchanging meeting transcripts and other audio recordings, you know how poor a media player Drive can be. With its most recent update, Google is making it easier to control your recordings with a couple of new tools.


According to its patch notes, the Android app now supports playing audio back at various speeds and accessible controls in notifications. Although we can’t imagine most people switching to Google Drive as a full-time media player, it’s a great addition for listening to lectures, speeches, and anything else worth reviewing. Adding notification controls is icing on the cake — if you’ve ever needed to switch to another app to take notes or check your email, you’ll know how vital playback tools can be.

Although notification controls are working for me (albeit in a pretty basic form, without the option to skip ahead or rewind), I haven’t spotted the playback speed settings just yet. Despite the patch notes, this may be one of Google’s classic server-side updates. If you’ve ever had to listen back to a recording of a long meeting you already sat through, you know how much of a lifesaver this addition may end up being.

Even though you’ll likely have to wait for both features to arrive, you can grab Google Drive from the Play Store below or download the latest APK from APK Mirror.


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