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5 reasons to use node.js

What is Node.js

Node.js is an open-source Javascript run-time. It is used to create server-side APIs, network applications and services. It was designed to build out highly scalable applications with high concurrency.

Less context-switching

Node has made it very easy for frontend developers to create full-stack projects by using prior Javascript experience on the server side. This has been great for teams to re-use codebases and increase productivity.

Node.js is super fast

Node is built on the V8 chrome javascript engine that has yielded amazing performance. The asynchronous non-blocking design makes for a blazing fast experience dealing with lots of concurrent operations.

Real-time applications

Node.js makes it really easy to produce real-time applications such a real-time chats by allowing synchronized connections via websockets and reliable client/server communication.

Event driven

The event driven architecture of Node.js is pattern on observing event behavior with event listeners and responding to events predictively. These is perfect for client-side web applications make use of many meaningful interactions on the interface and providing a great user experience.

Great Ecosystem

Node is supported by the entire Javascript community and has lots of great open-source tooling and NPM packages that make developing with Node a breeze. Node is quickly being adopting in tech stacks of lots of companies and producing great results in performance.


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