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How to get the Android 12 beta on your smartphone

Including compatible phones and if it's worth downloading

If you’ve got a compatible phone, you can download the Android 12 beta right now, giving you a first glimpse at the big new Android update that’ll start rolling out towards the end of the year.

Normally, Android betas are only for Google Pixel phones, but following a wider release of Android 11’s initial build in 2020, the Android 12 beta has a relatively huge list of compatible devices – that’ll likely just keep growing.

Technically, most of these are ‘developer previews’ of Android 12 – that means they’re early builds designed so app developers can get a glimpse of the new operating system. Non-developers like you and I can still download and test on these devices, but it’s worth backing up your data first.

During the May 18 keynote, Google devs explained how Android 12 will make Android phones more customizable than ever before, letting you personalize your colors across your UI and notifications. It also adds redesigned widgets, smoother animations, improved privacy features, and other improvements.

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