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Huawei HarmonyOS, a champion of cross device user experience provider

At the HarmonyOS and smart product launch event, Huawei released HarmonyOS mobile OS for the consumers. Also, it introduced a number of devices powered by HarmonyOS, which includes MatePad Pro and Watch 3 Series, as well as FreeBuds 4 earbuds, and several 4G smartphones.

The company released the HarmonyOS 2.0 with the slogan of One as All and All as One, indicating the one system software can establish multiple connections and control them. Let’s dig out the information, why the smart connection is needed, and how the HarmonyOS can fulfill the demand.

Why Collaboration Among Smart Device Needed:

Today, we are surrounded by IoT devices no matter where we are. We can easily find the smart screens projectile, PCs, printers, and other intelligent devices such as routers, and audio units in work places.

Meanwhile, smart home equipment such as fans, refrigerators, air-conditioners, home theatres, and many others now become one of the common things in the home. On the other hand, we also wear smart accessories like Earphones, smartwatches, and smart bands on daily basis.

Hence, a smart collaboration among these devices, which can provide smooth and seamless interaction became unavoidable. However, the other device OS also provides interconnection between devices but it’s really struggling.

How the HarmonyOS is different:

The HarmonyOS designed with the distributed capabilities and supports cross-platform application, which cannot only control other devicse but also their services.

The uninterrupted development in the distributed capabilities in HarmonyOS can be seen as the collaboration between various devices including the pairs of smartphones and laptops, smart wearables and smartphones, tablets and laptops, smartphones and tablets, and so on.


A HarmonyOS smartphone and a laptop combined with a Super Device will become a flash drive connected to the laptop, and you can click to access the data on the mobile phone.

Now, the user need not connect it often because as long the smartphone is near to the laptop, by default, it’ll detect the phone and stay connected. The same goes with the laptop to tablet, with HarmonyOS installed device performs the smoother and stable connection.

There are many benefits among the HarmonyOS installed devices and they can be described in the following terms-

  1. The new Super Device feature powerful and easy to setup
  2. UI interface is improved
  3. Better fluency and animation effects
  4. Easy management
  5. Auto-detection of connected device


The smart device market is growing day by day and extending its application area from office to home and other aspects of conmsers’ daily life. We can’t decide its limit yet, hence it’s too early to conclude.

Checking this fact, acquiring the market in early is a good choice for the future as China covers the major area of the communication market.

We are in need of smart collaboration among the various device and HarmonyOS provided a perfect solution for it. Although the HarmonyOS provides many benefits, we can’t deny that it’s still in the early stage, and has room for improvement.


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