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2023 will see Brembo release its updated MotoGP style GP4-MS calipers for road bikes with added cooling fins

MOTOGP braking specialist Brembo is reported to be bringing its race-inspired GP4-MS calipers to the market in 2023, with added cooling fins for more consistent braking performance.

The billet aluminium GP4-MS hardware has been available to the public since 2019, although crucially without one feature that became a mainstay of the kit fitted to MotoGP and WorldSBK machines. That looks to change for 2023, as the extensive use of cooling fins will now be a feature of the GP4-MS road and track range.





MotoGP style calipers from Brembo

Like the race-only GP4-RR and GP4-RX, the new stoppers are hewn from a single bloc of billet aluminium and feature the firm’s famous monoblock design. The fins though are a new addition for 2023 and are said to improve the brakes’ performance when used on the track. Another trick element arriving in 2023 is the use of heat-sensing stickers on the body of the caliper. The device allows riders to track the operating temperature of the caliper at the end of the session and while that might just sound like a nice way to compare your talent with that of your mates, it might also be handy for helping you to choose the pads that are right for you. While the new stoppers are compatible with the latest Z04 racing pads, they will inevitably have a small operating window, above that of many road-focused calipers. Being able to find out what temperature the brakes are operating at could help riders to select the pads that are best suited to the way that they ride.


The Brembo GP4-MS caliper kit also includes high-performance sintered pads – the top choice for mixed road/track use – plus all the small parts needed for assembly and related instructions. The pricing and exact launch date for the new kit is yet to be announced.


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