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TAKE CARE I’m a fashion expert – how to keep your clothes looking expensive for years using my favorite tools

WHETHER your wardrobe is full of versatile, quality pieces or bargain finds in every style, how you take care of your clothing matters. One fashion expert shared the affordable tools she uses to keep her clothing looking expensive, whether it’s a luxurious sweater or a reliable pair of vintage jeans.

Anna Newton is a fashion and lifestyle blogger with plenty of style expertise

Anna Newton runs The Anna Edit, an online lifestyle brand that includes a newsletter, blog, YouTube, and TikTok content.

In one TikTok video, Newton broke down the secret ingredients she uses to keep her wardrobe looking camera-ready at all times.

Number one on her list: a steamer. Fashion fanatics might invest in an XXL model, but the casual fashionista can find a handheld version for as little as $19.99.

“It just makes your clothing look incredible,” Newton said, holding up her full-size and portable steamers.

The steamer can be used to clean heavy winter coats or de-crease your pants, dresses, and skirts.

“If, like me, you hate ironing, it’s a great alternative and it’s way more fun,” Newton added.

For fall and winter, brush up on your garment care by tackling sweaters with a cashmere comb.

The fine-toothed combs are great for removing pilling (or “bobbles,” as Newton calls them) from cashmere and other knits. One $10 comb will last you several seasons.

“It is really good for large surfaces where you need to get rid of the bobbles,” Newton explained. “I also like to have this fabric shaver on hand.”

You can use a $10 shaver to refresh scarves and sweaters in the cold months.

She held up a small fabric shaver with a rounded head and said it’s a better option for areas with a lot of pilling or small segments that require precision.

Newton uses a cashmere comb, left, and fabric shaver, right, on her sweaters

If you’re styling that sweater with a pair of jeans, consider investing in a denim spray.

“Never underestimate the power of a denim spray,” Newton said. “It really helps prolong the life of your denim by making it so you don’t have to wash it as frequently.”

Denim sprays like the $18 one from Attirecare are formulated with essential oils and other bacteria-busting ingredients.

Washing your denim too often can break down the fibers and ruin the fit, or leave holes in areas that see a lot of friction.

Newton said that a denim spray keeps jeans clean – and smelling fresh – without damaging the material.

Finally, stow a reusable lint roller in your car or handbag. Better yet, spend $3.99 to get a set of two and make sure they’re always handy.

“You can use it to get rid of the fluff on your clothing,” Newton said. She demonstrated how the reusable type works.


After using the roller to remove lint, you can easily empty the stray strings and debris into a trash can.

“Give it a couple of turns and the fluff comes out on the top,” Newton said, showing off her own roller. “So, so satisfying.”

Newton keeps a reusable lint roller handy for polishing her outfit



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