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OnePlus Nord Buds wireless earbuds review

OnePlus Nord Buds: Two-minute review

The OnePlus Nord Buds are keeping the value tradition of OnePlus alive, but now in the true wireless earbuds market. They may not have much in the way of flair or snazzy features, but they deliver on the basics really well.

With sizeable drivers for earbuds and a Bluetooth 5.2 connection, the Nord Buds do their main job nicely: delivering clear audio. They get a surprisingly heavy bass and rarely muddle the audio. In some music, the soundstage even feels fairly wide, considering the price. Busy music can feel a bit crowded, but overall the listening experience is exceptional for such a cheap pair of wireless buds. Even the incoming audio through the mics is good — not broadcast quality, but clear and devoid of background noise.

TechRadar Verdict

The OnePlus Nord Buds aren’t trying to be the best wireless earbuds, but they’re doing a great job being some of the best value earbuds with decent audio quality and battery life at a great price.


  • +Excellent value
  • +Impressive audio for the price
  • +Long battery life


  • -Bulky case
  • -Slippery when sweat

OnePlus hinges almost all of the aesthetics of the buds on shiny, concave dishes on each bud, giving them a fun little mirror for visual intrigue. It’s not much, but it keeps them from looking boring. Otherwise everything is built around a pill shape, including the charging case. That shape makes it a pain to fit the case into a pocket, sadly. It does come with a healthy dose of battery life at 23 hours, and the buds themselves can muster up to 7 hours of runtime — a fact they proved to us.

While some features are limited to users of OnePlus phones, they hardly feel essential and shouldn’t mean that non-OnePlus mobile users avoid these buds.

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