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Nora Fatehi’s Instagram account was ‘hacked’

Nora Fatehi's Instagram account was 'hacked', actress releases official statement

The Internet went upside down when actress Nora Fatehi suddenly disappeared from Instagram. It came as a shock because the actress was continuously treating her millions of fans with pictures and videos from her ongoing Dubai vacation. The news went like a forest fire and her fans and well-wishers made several speculations amid her abrupt step. However, here is a sigh of relief for her fans as the Street Dancer 3D actress has returned to ‘gram after hours of absence from social media. Nora also revealed the reason behind it in an official note.

Nora Fatehi shared an official statement on Instagram and revealed that her account was apparently hacked. She also thanked the team of Instagram to help her revive the account. The note read, “Sorry guys! There was an attempted hack on my Instagram! Someone’s been trying to get into my account since morning. Thanks to the Instagram team for helping me sort this out so quickly @instagram.” The news of her absence from the photo and video sharing application surely topped the headlines today.

To note, the last post on her social media account is a small video with a lion from her Dubai vacation. The actress had shared a video wherein she was seen feeding a hungry lion. While sharing the video, she wrote, “Its that lion energy from now on…they so beautiful tho.”

Earlier, Nora had also tested positive for COVID-19 and got recovered from it. She informed her fans about it through Instagram. She wrote, “Hey guys, unfortunately, I am currently battling Covid…It has honestly hit me real hard! I’ve been bed ridden for a few days now under doctor supervision. Please stay safe guys wear your masks, its spreading fast and can affect everyone differently! Unfortunately, I have reacted badly to it, this could happen to anyone please be careful! I am working on recovering at the moment thats all that matters right now. Nothing is more important than your health! Take care, stay safe.”

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