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Our Comprehensive Fujifilm X Series Lens Guide Is the Best on the Web!

Fuji fam! You’re in for a treat. For years, we’ve been working on reviewing tons of lenses. You probably know this already if you’ve followed the site for a long time. But we just updated our giant Fujifilm X Series Lens Guide. It includes every single XF lens

currently on the market. We’ve chosen to not review the Fujifilm XC lenses because they’re typically viewed more as affordable kit options. And when folks think of Fuji lenses, they think of the XF series. You’ll find that this is by far the most comprehensive Fujifilm Lens Guide on the web. We’ve done our own real-world reviews of all these lenses; not just the ones we want to test.c

New to the list are the lenses released and reviewed this year. Unfortunately, Fujifilm delayed the 23mm f1.4 R WR LM. So that isn’t on the list as of early November 2021. But when it hits the market, be sure to stay tuned to us.

Also included on this list is the new Tamron 18-300mm lens. We’re aware there are other third-party manufacturers out there. However, none beside Tamron and Zeiss have worked specifically with the Fujifilm X Series according to our conversations with Fuji. The new Tamron lens is the beginning of a beautiful thing that we’re very excited for. Regardless, this guide has every Fujifilm XF lens released along with all the Zeiss and Tamron offerings. Yes, we’ve reviewed all of them. Again, you’re not going to find a more complete list on the web. By that, we mean that there are no other lists with full, comprehensive reports like we’ve got. Try to find it on YouTube. DPReview doesn’t have it. Nor does Petapixel, Photofocus, FStoppers, or anyone else. I’ll be bold enough to say that lots of the other sites probably haven’t even touched lots of these lenses. And forget about the surviving magazines when it comes to this stuff!

Our reviews aren’t technical. They’re thoroughly organized though. You’ll find things like our thoughts on build quality, bokeh, sharpness, ergonomics, innovations, etc. Most of all, we don’t pixel peep. We set out to do this from day one that I founded the Phoblographer 12 years ago. Our reviews have also evolved a lot over the years.

The Fujifilm X Series Lens Guide is organized with a table of contents that you can click on through desktop or mobile. Personally, I’d recommend checking it out on desktop. We’ve gotten rid of the sidebar to make that process easier. Each lens entry has a quote from our review and a “Buy Now” link. You can click further into our reviews to see if it’s a lens you want to purchase. As always, if you make a purchase, we’ll take a small affiliate percentage that helps the site continue to grow and function.

We tend to update this guide twice or so a year. Sometimes it makes more sense to update it once a year. In the case of the global pandemic, there’s obviously slower updates to it. Still, we’ve had a fantastic working relationship with the Fujifilm team for a long time. And we appreciate all that they do for the industry.

Please feel free to dive head first into our Fujifilm lens guide. We hope you love the photos, the breadth of coverage, and all the work that seriously went into it over the years.


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