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Realme Band 2 launched as a cheaper alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 6

Realme has now launched its new smart band, the Realme Band 2, in Malaysia. The Realme Band 2 offers a bigger display and battery compared to its predecessor and looks set to arrive in India with a price tag that would make it a cheaper alternative to Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 6.

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Realme has now announced the launch of its latest mobile tech product, the Realme Band 2, in Malaysia. The Realme Band 2 succeeds last year’s Realme Band and will be hoping to snag some market share from Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Band 6, thanks to a lower price tag.

The Realme Band 2 sports a 1.4-inch TFT LCD with a listed peak brightness of 500 nits. That makes it bigger than the 0.96-inch Realme Band but with the same claimed brightness. The Realme Band was panned for poor brightness, however, and fans will be hoping the Realme Band 2 improves on that.

The new smart band promises 12 days of battery life thanks to a 204 mAh battery. That’s a big improvement on the Realme Band’s 90 mAh battery, and even a lot more than the Mi Band 6’s 125 mAh unit, although the Xiaomi product promises 14 days of battery life. The Realme Band 2 is IP68-certified and comes equipped with an Sp02 sensor, sleep monitoring sensor, and heart-rate monitoring sensor. It offers over 90 modes, as well as control over Realme’s IoT gadgets like the Realme Buds.

The new Realme Band 2 lands with an RM169 MSRP but is currently on sale for RM139. Those prices convert to roughly Rs 2,999 and Rs 2,469 respectively, which would see the Realme Band 2 undercut the Rs 3,499 Mi Smart Band 6 in price.


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