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ZTE Achieve 20GB RAM with Memory Fusion Technology Pro

ZTE Memory Fusion Technology Pro

More and more phones are starting to support memory expansion technology, which theoretically boosts memory by calling some of the idle ROM space for RAM operation, as a way to improve the smoothness of application switching.

ZTE’s new generation of under-screen lens Axon30 will be released next week. In addition to the official preview of the new product features these days, some of ZTE’s executives have also brought some features about the phone in their respective microblogs.

Today, ZTE’s engineer Lv Qianhao said the Axon30’s memory fusion technology brings an innovation that allows the phone to reach a maximum of 20GB of memory, he posted.

Memory anxiety belongs to one of the five major anxieties of the current cell phone, but the price of models with large memory has gone up quite a bit. Now there are some friends in the effort to promote the fusion of cell phone memory, the actual Android system many years ago (laughing but not talking, but the user perception is not very strong).

We have several reasons for this after user interviews and technical analysis:

  • One is that some of the phones currently using this technology use ROMs that are not read and write speed rampant UFS3.x, some even use eMMC, which is like an old man to adapt to Ferrari, naturally no good experience.
  • The second is just a simple and brutal part of the ROM to do virtual RAM, but no background threads scheduling algorithm adaptation, etc., naturally can not improve the efficiency of system operation.
  • The third is that the fused memory capacity given is not large enough, and it doesn’t matter whether it is added or not, users can hardly perceive it.

We are about to introduce the new memory fusion technology Pro, combined with reading and write speed flying UFS3.1 ROM, the new rhinoceros engine, and DY TM, capacity in one step +8GB, 12GB into 20GB, and other technologies organic integration. This is not only an improvement in memory numbers alone but also a real improvement in user experience and perception! Even when running mega software and mega games, 20GB of memory is stress-free.

The largest memory currently carried by the phone is 18GB for the ROG Phone5, and this time ZTE can add up to 8GB of memory space to the phone at once, which already exceeds the maximum memory capacity of this top gaming phone, but this is virtual, while the ROG Phone5 is a real 18GB RAM.


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