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The Phantom X, Tecno’s first premium phone, is now available

The Phantom X, Tecno’s first premium phone, is now available in a couple of countries. Tecno is normally focused on emerging markets and even this premium model won’t be available globally.

The Phantom X is now available The Phantom X is now available
The Phantom X is now available

Right now you can find it online in Nigeria at a price of NGN 228,000 ($555/€470) and Kenya at KES 50,000 ($460/€390). These links will take you to the site dedicated to the Phantom line to differentiate it from regular Tecno models. The company has a presence in other African countries as well as South America, so the phone should be available in more regions soon.

Here are snippets from the Phantom X launch party:

We have already reviewed the Phantom X if you want our thoughts on the 50 MP camera (with 1/1.3” sensor), the 90 Hz AMOLED display, 33W fast charging and other features, as well as the potential competition that this device faces, seeing how it is in a higher price bracket than previous Tecno models.

The Phantom X, Tecno's first premium phone, is now available


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