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Google Photos testing new filters that let you search by type of content

Google Photos is testing a new feature that should make finding images and videos easier. While searching for images of a specific person within Google Photos, users will be able to refine the search by choosing whether to show results including: favorites, videos, selfies, collages, animations, movies, creations, screenshots, archived, and motion photos.

As Android Police reports, the new Google filtering feature seems to be in testing, as it is not possible to see the filtering option from any device. The filters also appear to not be specific to a particular version of Google Photos, suggesting that it may be being tested on the server-side with some accounts.

Source: <i>Android Police</i> Source: <i>Android Police</i> Source: <i>Android Police</i>
Source: Android Police

As Android Police points out, you could always filter search results when performing a search of a person on Google Photos by typing out the query within the Google Photos search box. For example: “Selfies of David Garcia” would present the same results as searching for “David Garcia” and then filtering out selfies.

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