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DJI Mini 3 Pro transforms into a barcode-scanning drone with Anyline tech

Anyline, a Vienna-based mobile data capture specialist, says its barcode scanning technology can now be deployed in commercially available drones to autonomously scan inventory across entire warehouses. Packaging and paper powerhouse Mondi recently engaged with Anyline to apply the tech to DJI Mini 3 Pro and successfully counted a full warehouse with flying cameras!

Anyline says its software allows drones to be programmed to fly autonomously along a set flight path, or operators can choose to manually control the aircraft using an app. The app also displays in real-time what the drone is scanning.

The software further boasts features such as continuous scanning and multi-barcode capture that enable uninterrupted scanning of up to 30 barcodes within the camera frame simultaneously. And the captured data integrates directly with existing inventory management systems.

Mondi CIO Rainer Steffl says the company contacted Anyline in a quest to improve the inventory management process across multiple, large warehouse locations.

Before using barcode scanning drones, multiple workers used forklifts to manually lift two people at a time to scan inventory across large warehouses, sometimes only once per year. This process involved working at heights and, due to the need for space and extra safety measures, had to be done with overtime outside of warehouse operating hours.

But now, a single drone operator can scan all the inventory aisle-by-aisle in a warehouse during operating hours. The modern process is safer, highly accurate, and alleviates a mandatory after-hours full warehouse count all at once.

“Both Anyline and Mondi are passionate about innovation,” says Lukas Kinigadner, CEO and cofounder at Anyline. “We are proud to be a part of this project, which is redefining what is technologically possible in inventory management but can also be applied across other industries.”

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