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China claims AI-powered electronic warfare breakthrough

Device reputedly capable of real-time monitoring and analysis of wider electromagnetic spectrum, key for decoding enemy signals and making battlefields transparent

Chinese scientists claim to have developed an advanced military surveillance device that could significantly enhance China’s electronic warfare capabilities, a high-tech realm where future conflicts will increasingly be fought and potentially decided, South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported.

The device is small in size, high in performance and low in power consumption, the SCMP report said. It will allow the Chinese military to detect and lock on to enemy signals at unprecedented speeds, decode their physical parameters almost instantly and effectively suppress them while ensuring the smooth flow of their communications, the report said.

The technology was previously considered a pipe dream due to the enormous amount of data to be processed in the heat of combat. However, Yang Kai, a professor from the School of Information and Electronics at the Beijing Institute of Technology and lead scientist on the project, gave SCMP a glimpse into the strides his team has reportedly made in the area.

The real-time analysis bandwidth of traditional spectrum monitoring systems is generally restricted to a range of 40-160 MHz. However, the new Chinese equipment has supposedly extended the frequency range into the gigahertz zone, covering the frequency range used by amateur radio enthusiasts and even Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites.

This improvement in covered range means that even if the US military suddenly switched to civilian frequencies and emitted a pulse signal in a short period, it could still be captured and analyzed by the Chinese military, the SCMP report says.

Yang’s team says it introduced artificial intelligence (AI) into the most critical data analysis process, enabling the Chinese military to achieve unprecedented information perception capabilities at a lower cost. The scientists were quoted by SCMP as saying the device will cause “a profound shift in the art of war.”

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