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Nubia Z60 Ultra Unboxing Video Unveils the Magic Within and 2 New Highlights

Nubia Z60 Ultra Unboxing Video

The anticipation for the Nubia Z60 Ultra’s release on December 19 has reached new heights with the unveiling of two exciting highlights and an early unboxing experience video.

Starry Night Inspired Design:

Nubia took the wraps off the Nubia Z 60 Ultra Star Classic Edition, featuring exclusive naked-eye 3D star diamond embossing technology. The device boasts a high-resolution star micro-etching process, creating a mesmerizing “lens nanotexture.” Drawing inspiration from Vincent van Gogh’s iconic masterpiece, “Starry Night,” the phone captures the essence of the artist’s vivid portrayal of a dynamic, swirling night sky. The use of Van Gogh’s techniques lends a touch of artistic brilliance to the smartphone, reflecting a departure from conventional designs.

Nubia Z60 Ultra 3D Starry Night Color

IP68 Dust and Waterproof Protection:

Adding a robust layer of protection, the Nubia Z 60 Ultra introduces IP68-level dust and waterproof capabilities. This enhancement ensures durability and safeguards the device against the elements, making it a reliable companion in various environments. The water and dust resistance is a valuable feature for users seeking extra reassurance for their smartphones.


Nubia Z60 Ultra is IP68 Rated

Unboxing Experience:

Nubia treated enthusiasts with the Nubia Z 60 Ultra unboxing experience through a video shared on Weibo. The classic Red and Black packaging box adds a touch of elegance, setting the stage for the device’s real-life appearance. The unboxing video, originally posted by a Weibo blogger, provides a sneak peek into the sleek design and overall aesthetics of the Nubia Z 60 Ultra.

Nubia Z60 Ultra Unboxing Video

As the countdown to December 19 continues, the Nubia Z 60 Ultra promises not only cutting-edge technology but also a blend of artistic inspiration and practical durability. Smartphone enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the marriage of innovation and aesthetics in this highly anticipated release.

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