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Huawei launches three new AI surveillance cameras

Today, Huawei has announced three new surveillance cameras powered by AI technologies. These will help to monitor traffic activities and personal purposes. The three cameras are:

  • Full-smart AI Pro series
  • Hui-smart AI series
  • Light-smart AI Lite series.

Fully intelligent AI Pro series:

These cameras provide a small model with the training experience of the large model. It improves the recognition accuracy of the small camera model and enables the accuracy rate of non-sensing traffic to be > 95%. Built-in 18 kinds of algorithms in 4 categories, multi-target/multi-behavior concurrent detection supports software definition, 600 + algorithms are loaded on customer’s demand.

Huawei Three AI surveillance cameras

Huizhi AI series:

These cameras are optimized through multi-dimensional detection and optimization of key features, size, deflection angle, position, and definition to obtain the best picture. The detection rate is > 95% and the false alarm rate is less than 5%.

Huawei Three AI surveillance cameras

Light Smart AI Series:

These cameras support 24×24 pixel detection, 40 meters during the day and 30 meters at night. It also reduces false alarms caused by branches, leaves, light and shadow, and small animals. The code stream is reduced by 50%+ compared with H.265 and the image quality is not lost.

At the same time, Huawei released a super coding scheme. The principle of super coding technology is AI intelligent analysis + pixel-level segmentation + intelligent compression of foreground and foreground. Refined ROI algorithm, saving 40%+ of code stream in complex scenes, 50%+ in regular scenes, and 60%+ in unmanned idle scenes.

It is revealed that the super encoding can save the bit rate while keeping the resolution unchanged. The clarity of valuable information, the same does not affect smart detection. Meanwhile, the accuracy rate does not decrease. It also doesn’t increase the bandwidth of the existing network, or storage investment, 2MP camera Can be upgraded to a 4MP camera.

These are three new AI powered surveillance Huawei cameras but the availability is yet to be confirmed by the company.

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