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Huawei Vision Glass: New Micro OLED smart glasses can create up to a 120-inch virtual display

Huawei has introduced a new pair of smart glasses in China. Sold as the Vision Glass, the smart glasses can reproduce giant and colour-accurate virtual displays thanks to Micro OLED displays.

Huawei has launched the Vision Glass, its equivalent to the Nreal Air AR. Arriving first in China, the Vision Glass is billed to create up to 120-inch images at a distance of 4 metres, which drops to 100-inches when the image appears to be 3 metres away from your face. As Huawei’s marketing image below shows, the Vision Glass give the effect of a holographic display being in the room with you but only by projecting an image in front of your eye.

According to Huawei, the Vision Glass utilises Micro OLED panels that operate at 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and 480 cd/m². Similarly, the smart glasses should cover at least 90% of the DCI-P3 colour space and offer Low Blue Light certification to reduce eye strain. The Vision Glass features built-in speakers too, along with a USB Type-C port for connecting the device to a smartphone or a PC.

While Huawei began accepting pre-orders on November 14 through Vmall, the Vision Glass will go on sale until early December. Unfortunately, the company has not confirmed whether it intends to sell the smart glasses outside its home market. Presumably, Huawei will confirm all details about the Vision Glass when the device becomes generally available next month.

(Image source: Huawei)
(Image source: Huawei)
(Image source: Huawei)
(Image source: Huawei)

Huawei has recently launched Vision Glass, its first smart viewing glasses. It can project a digital screen of a 120-inch giant display, bringing an ultra-immersive cinematic viewing experience. He Gang, Huawei Chief Operating Officier (COO) of Huawei Device Business Group said it is an exclusive “pocket smart screen”.

Huawei Vision Glass VR AR smart glasses come with a minimalist streamlined design that looks like ordinary sunglasses and it’s quite fashionable to wear.

huawei vision glass

The temples can be bent over 20,000 times and the glasses body has been “weight-reduced”, it is very convenient for storage.

The wearing experience of these Vision Glasses is provide comfort. According to a survey, 98% of the people surveyed revealed that the design guarantees comfort while wearing it.

In terms of hardware, Vision Glass uses a Micro OLED screen with a single-eye resolution of 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 90% DCI-P3 cinema-wide color gamut, 53PPD, and an eye-catching brightness of 480 nits

It can bring in a virtual giant screen of 4 meters by 120 inches and 3 meters by 100 inches, which could match in as your daily entertainment.

Huawei confirmed that the Vision Glass has passed TUV Rheinland low blue light certification and the virtual image distance of Vision Glass is more than 4m, compared to the general viewing distance of a TV of about 2-3 meters. It assures that people of all ages won’t hurt their eyes while using it.

Huawei has optimized these smart glasses for myopic groups, as it can provide a 0-500 degree diopter adjustment feature.



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