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Stromer ST7 s-pedelec has electronic shifting system and 260 km range

The Stromer ST7 is a speed pedelec with a Pinion electronic shifting system for fast paddle-activated gear changes. The e-bike has a top speed of 45 kph (~28 mph) and up to 260 km (~160 miles) range. You can use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to the bike, enabling an auto-locking feature and in-app controls.

The Stromer ST7 is a speed pedelec, which the company claims is the first bike of its kind with an electronic shifting system. The e-bike uses a Pinion Smart.Shift C1 12i for automated gear changes via paddle shifters on the handlebars in 0.2 seconds and intelligent shift recommendations. Stromer suggests that the e-bike is low maintenance thanks to this and the Gates Carbon Belt drive.

A built-in display will show you which gear you are in and your speed. Stromer indicates that high-end components have been used on the bike, such as ABS brakes and wide 27.5-in tires. A 940 W rear-wheel motor with up to 52 Nm of torque has a top assistance speed of 45 kph (~28 mph) in Sport mode. The 1,440 Wh battery provides up to 260 km (~160 miles) range and takes around seven hours to recharge.

You can connect your smartphone to the bike through Stromer OMNI Connect and use an accompanying app to control the e-bike’s settings. For example, you can unlock the pedelec via Bluetooth with an automatic locking function. The bike has an aluminum frame, but it is currently unclear how much it weighs. The Stromer ST7 Launch Edition will be available in Solid Gold from October 2022, and the Stromer ST7 in Dark Platinum will launch in January 2023. The s-pedelec costs €12,140 (~US$12,399).


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