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Xiaomi 12S Pro Display Specifications and Charging Time Officially Unveiled

Regarding the Xiaomi 12S Series launch, today official announced Xiaomi 12S Pro display specifications along with charging power and speed. Xiaomi confirms that the 12S Pro uses the second generation LTPO 2K screen.


Xiaomi 12S Pro Design

Specifically, the Xiaomi 12S Pro uses a 6.73-inch second-generation LTPO 2K screen with 522 PPI to achieve fine image quality performance, while supporting micro-prism technology and 1-120Hz intelligent dynamic refresh rate, which can effectively improve battery life.

Xiaomi 12S Pro Display Specifications

The official poster shows that the Xiaomi 12S Pro has a curved screen design with 1500nit peak brightness and supports 16000 levels of automatic brightness, a contrast ratio of 8000000:1, 10bit color gamut, and uses Samsung’s E5 display material.

Xiaomi 12S Pro Charging Time

In terms of Xiaomi 12S Pro charging speed, the device is equipped with a 120W wired fast charging solution with a switchable two-speed mode. With sprint fast charging it takes 19 minutes to charge 100%, and with constant temperature mode, it takes 25 minutes to 100%, stable low-temperature performance. In addition, Xiaomi 12S Pro also supports 50W wireless charging and 10W wireless reverse charging.

Xiaomi 12S Pro Charging Time

In terms of core specifications, Xiaomi 12S Pro will offer two options to choose from – Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 with 120W fast charging or MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Plus chipset with 67W fast charging.


Source 1:

Fast charging requirements, Pro meets you.
#12SPro# is equipped with 120W Xiaomi surging second charge, two-speed mode, fast and stable.
Fast charging | 19 minutes to 100%;
Balance mode | 25 minutes to 100%, stable low temperature performance.
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 Source 2 :

For the high standards of the screen, the Pro has you covered.
Xiaomi Mi 12S Pro is equipped with a 6.73-inch 2K screen, which makes Leica perform amazingly:
522ppi|Delicate image quality performance, shocking display;
Micro-prism technology|Make the light more focused and effectively reduce power consumption;
1-120Hz intelligent dynamic refresh rate|Effective Improve battery life;
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