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Micron’s latest SSD could deliver a fatal blow to the HDD

New SATA-based 5400 SSD promises better reliability, enhanced TCO

Micron has announced a new SATA SSD, but with a difference; it is the first to come with the firm’s proprietary 176-layer NAND technology.

The announcement comes just a few days after the US semiconductor behemoth launched a 1.5TB microSD card, the largest of its kind, which features the same technology.

The Micron 5400 is the direct successor to the Micron 5300, launched in October 2019, which used a 96-layer NAND. As such, the 5400 is more of an evolution of the 5300, as it keeps the same form factor, connector, capacities and performance.

Both even share the same sequential read speed (540MBps), MTTF (mean time to failure) of three million – which Micron claims is 50% more than the industry average – and five-year warranty.

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