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BAD MESSAGE Huge warning for ANYONE who has sent a photo using an iPhone

DID you know that your photos carry hidden data in iPhone?

Tucked away behind the scenes, a treasure trove of information can be found in iPhone.

TikToker shows how to remove the data

Things like the time and date the photo was taken are usually listed, as well as the device used – and even random details like whether you had flash on.

But most worryingly, it reveals the location where the photo was taken.

This could mean exposing where you live whenever you take a photo at home.

This info is stored in what is known as EXIF data, which stands for exchangeable image file.

It’s a type of format standard that tags images with key details.

There are EXIF viewer sites which expose all these details for anyone to see.

TikToker Kadama raised awareness of the issue, warning people not to send photos before cleaning their iPhone photos of the hidden data.

“This shows me the exact location the picture was taken and a bunch of my other private information,” he said, demonstrating how easy it is to see.

Thankfully, there are many apps available that will stripe out the EXIF data for you.

Some are free, like Exif Metadata.

Or, you can remove the location yourself directly from the Photos app by selecting the i button and tapping Adjust next to the location.

Anyone using Android can download one too, such as Photo Metadata Remover.

You can also do it directly from a computer as well.

On a PC, right click the image and select Properties.

Open the Details tab and choose Remove Properties and Personal Information at the bottom.

Location and time photo was taken revealed

Location and time photo was taken revealedCredit: @kadama

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