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RoundedTB’s Fill Taskbar gains an all-new effect only for Windows 11 with release 3.1

A new RoundedTB version (Release 3.1) was published by its developer TorchGM yesterday and as expected, the new release lands with some new features. For those who don’t know, RoundedTB is a taskbar customization app that works without needing to tweak system files making it an easy-to-work-with software. The app allows adjusting the margins, corner radii, among many other things.

The new features in the release are given below:

  • The option to have the taskbar “fill” when a window is maximised (or when alt+tab or the Task Switcher is invoked if you’re on Windows 11)
  • The ability to summon the app’s settings pane by re-opening it from Start
  • The option to have the tray show only when you’re hovering over it
  • Automatic detection for when the taskbar “overflows” in dynamic mode, and switching back to basic mode as a result

The features have also been shown in the image below:

RoundedTB logo

Here’s how TorchGM describes the new “Fill Taskbar On Alt+Tab”:

When this option is enabled, RoundedTB will fill in the taskbar as described above whenever you invoke Alt+Tab or the Task Switcher.

As stated above, this feature, for now at least, is Windows 11-exclusive, though in the future it might work on Windows 10 too. You can also read about the other available options on the Microsoft Store link provided below.

Like any piece of software, release 3.1 also contains some known issues:

  • When initially enabling dynamic mode with centred taskbar icons, the taskbar may stretch to the left. If this happens, just set the taskbar to left-aligned then back to the centre once and it should be fixed.
  • Autohiding is not supported and may lead to a lot of flickering, especially with TranslucentTB compatibility or dynamic/split mode enabled.
  • Rounded corners are not antialiased (smooth) due to a Windows limitation.
  • Dynamic mode/split mode only work correctly when the taskbar is horizontal at the top/bottom of the screen.
  • Split mode on Windows 10 only supports the main taskbar, secondary taskbars will not be split.
  • When using dynamic mode, the taskbar may occasionally become too large, too small or not update. This can usually be fixed by moving a window to or from that monitor, or briefly changing the taskbar alignment.
  • Compatibility with taskbar mods outside of TranslucentTB is not currently guaranteed.

If you’re interested, you can download and try RoundedTB either from Microsoft Store or from GitHub. You can run it on Xbox (according to Microsoft Store’s description apparently) and Windows 10 version 17763.0 and newer platforms.


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