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Cybersecurity jobs claim big share of hiring; see top skills

When companies were forced to accelerate their digital transformation by introducing WFH measures due to the pandemic, cybersecurity became even more critical. The sudden transition to remote working made workflows more complex, and exposed companies to more online threats and vulnerability.

India may face serious cybersecurity skill shortage by 2025
There has been a 25% increase in demand for talent in cyberspace on an annualised basis since the pandemic broke. Industry experts say there’s a war for talent in this segment and, according to TeamLease Services, India is expected to have over 1.5 million unfulfilled job vacancies in cybersecurity by 2025.

Huge gender gap in cybersecurity hirings
However, even as organisations scramble to fill in the vacancies, typically from engineering colleges, there’s a big piece that’s missing in the pie: Women.

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Why it’s important to bridge the talent gap
Bridging the talent gap is a matter of paramount importance if the enterprises are to carry out their operations without disruptions in this dynamic cyber environment.

Employers are more inclined to hire candidates with specialized skills and thus it is crucial for freshers to be fairly equipped. To help you make the most of this opportunity, here is a ‘TechGig special’ list on most sought-after cybersecurity skills and how to acquire them:

Most sought-after cybersecurity skills:
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