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Xiaomi Achieve Breakthroughs in Battery Technology: Debuts with Xiaomi 12

Xiaomi Achieve Breakthroughs in Battery Technology

Xiaomi in the 11 series of batteries using the second generation of nano-silicon oxygen technology negative electrode cells, which is recognized by the industry as the next generation of battery technology, it is also because of the use of this material, making the phone in terms of thickness to 9mm or less, to ensure the feel, in the next generation of Xiaomi’s flagship products, battery materials, and design solutions will be expected to make another breakthrough.

Xiaomi Achieve Breakthroughs in Battery Technology: Debuts with Xiaomi 12

According to the breaking news brought by Digital Chat Station today, Xiaomi’s new flagship product uses a new dual-cell material and design scheme that can somewhat improve energy density and make the 5000mAh ± and also thinner in mass.

In addition in the comments section there are other breaking news content appeared, such as the new flagship will still be launched ceramic material rear shell, and Redmi’s new machine will also be released in the middle and end of this month, combined with the current online news, Redmi’s new product should be the main attack on the double 11 charges a wave of sales K40S series, and K50 Series for a later stage.

On the other hand, Xiaomi’s new flagship according to the timeline should be Xiaomi 12 series, the processor upgraded to Snapdragon 898, and it will likely be the world’s first, plus a large battery of about 5000mAh to ensure the battery life, the new goalkeeper of 2022 is about to debut.

Some time ago, Xiaomi officially launched a new cell phone series – Xiaomi Civi, which uses a new appearance design, praised by many users, known as the most beautiful phone in the history of Xiaomi.

It is worth noting that at that time, there was news that the Xiaomi 12 series flagship model will also adopt a similar appearance scheme, the front will be ultra-narrow bezel dual-curved display, and maybe improved to a micro-curved effect, taking into account the display and feel, the front camera also changed to a small opening centered, the overall visual more coordinated.


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