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Google freshens up Gmail on Android with some bolder colors

Google’s going through a bit of a creative phase right now. With Android 12 and Material You just weeks away from a stable build, you can expect plenty of its apps to gain UI changes big and small over the coming months. Gmail is giving a fresh coat of paint to its labels, with tabs like “Updates” and “Promotions” gaining a little extra vibrancy.

If you head into your Gmail app on Android, you might be greeted by some tweaked colors that look just a tad different than before. While the general tones have stayed the same — green for “Promotions,” blue for “Social,” and so on — they’re all receiving a refresh with more vibrant shades. The “Updates” label gets the most significant change, switching from a brighter yellow to an orange hue. These all seem closer to how labels on Gmail’s web client appear, which might be the point of this swap.

Left: Old colors. Middle, right: New colors.

All in all, it’s a subtle touch that won’t impact your day-to-day flood of emails. Whether or not it’s an improvement is up to personal taste, but it’s definitely a bolder expression than before. This color swap is currently making its way to users via a server-side update, though we see it in the 2021.07.11 app release. Make sure you’ve updated your app using the Play Store link below, or grab the latest APK from APK Mirror.


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