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Microsoft’s new collaboration tool wants to replace Google Workspace for good

Microsoft is looking to take the fight to Google Workspace with the launch of a new online collaboration tool within Outlook.

Project Moca is a new project management platform built directly within its email service that the company hopes will make workplace collaboration more straightforward as workers begin to head back to the office following the pandemic.

First revealed last year, Project Moca combines a user’s calendar, files, contacts and more into a single board view for more straightforward planning and teamwork.

Project Moca

Following a successful trial and beta period, Microsoft has now confirmed that Project Moca will be rolling out to users in July 2021 as part of the new board view on Outlook.

In order to access their work, users simply need to go to their Outlook calendar, and select the dropdown views menu. This will bring up the option of “Board”, where they can select a new board and create from there.

New users will be able to enjoy the new Outlook Calendar board view straight away, adding calendar markers, tasks, sticky notes, links, goals and reminders.

Anyone who was part of the Project Moca with all content migrated over from the Project Moca trial system, meaning users won’t lose any data or work they have already completed.

The release will be eyed with interest by Google, which has greatly expanded its Workspace productivity suite to accommodate workers returning to the office.

The company recently released Google Workspace Individual, which looks to target small business owners or other users looking to promote a “passion project” with a specially designed collection of its most useful business software tools.

This includes shareable booking pages integrated directly with Google Calendar, letting anyone schedule an appointment with you quickly and easily. Customers can also pick from several different types of appointments, including consultations or site visits.


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