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Upcoming WhatsApp update will make contacting business easier on Android: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp is testing a new interface on Android that will help users interact with Business accounts on the platform. Find out what the company is testing for the upcoming WhatsApp update.

WhatsApp updates usually bring useful features to the app such as the upcoming flash call feature, disappearing messages, a new Archive mode, and so on. Sometimes, updates bring improvements to the interface, such as the removal of recently added blue text that made notifications difficult to read. WhatsApp is now testing a new interface on WhatsApp for Android, to make it easier to contact business accounts.

WhatsApp Business accounts are not the same as regular user accounts, and a report from a popular feature leaker has revealed that the Facebook-owned company is looking to make their business profile pages on WhatsApp even more distinguishable on the platform, by redesigning the interface and adding a couple of useful new features that should make communicating with businesses on the platform a lot easier.

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