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Microsoft Edge adds Kids Mode to keep children safe online

Microsoft has announced a new Kids Mode for its Edge browser

icrosoft has announced a new Kids Mode for its Edge browser, which provides users with a space that’s described as kid-friendly. The feature is free and comes built into Microsoft Edge.

When enabled, parents can customize Kids Mode to only show approved sites. Parents can further customize the experience depending on the child’s age. There are currently two options in Microsoft Edge: The option for 5-8 years features a simplified browsing experience; the option for 9-12 years offers more interesting kid-friendly articles and news around topics like animals, science, and fun facts.

“We believe this is a game-changer for parents who are juggling all the demands of life today,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “Kids Mode gives parents peace of mind by providing a protected online environment as their kids browse the web on a shared device.”

Kids Mode was developed for scenarios where parents and kids are sharing the same devices. Parents can enable Kids Mode by selecting it from the profile icon in the top right corner of the browser window. Once enabled, Microsoft Edge will turn into a more colorful browser with themes from Disney and Pixar. The mode automatically approves 70 popular kids sites, and parents can also add sites of their own. If a kid visits a website not on the approved list, they’ll be met by a block page with an option to request permission.

Images: Microsoft

Additionally, when Edge’s Kids Mode is enabled, it’ll run the browser in full screen mode, so kids can’t access other apps (like another browser). Edge’s privacy will also be set to its strongest setting, and it will default to the strictest tracking prevention level. And to protect children from accidentally exiting Kids Mode, parents will need to enter their credentials before turning the feature off.

Microsoft Edge’s new Kids Mode is available starting today on Windows and macOS.

Source: xda Developers

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