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HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro Supports Satellite Call Function: BeiDou Satellite System Based On SCU’s UPS

As early as 2022, the HUAWEI Mate 50 series achieved a new breakthrough in communication technology – supporting Beidou satellite messaging hardware capabilities, becoming the world’s first mass smartphone to support Beidou satellite messaging, known as “breaking the sky upwards.” The newly launched HUAWEI Mate 60 Pro not only supports sending Beidou satellites outwards but also supports message reply, effectively realizing two-way communication between the caller and the rescuer.

HUAWEI BeiDou call-based on SCU UPS


The “Beidou-3 Satellite Navigation System” is the world’s first global satellite navigation system that integrates positioning, timing and message communication, and sending short messages is its unique and important function. It is a great honor that SCU has participated in the infrastructure construction since 2018, providing UPS uninterruptible power supply for the Beidou-3 ground receiving system to provide power for system operation.

What is the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System?

The Beidou Navigation satellite system (BDS) is a global satellite navigation system independently constructed and operated by China that is compatible and shared with other satellite navigation systems in the world. It consists of three parts: the space segment, the ground segment and the user segment. It can provide global, all-weather and all-day navigation services. Provide high-precision, high-reliability positioning, navigation, and timing services to all types of users.

BDS is one of the suppliers recognized by the United Nations Satellite Navigation Committee. Its positioning accuracy is decimeter and centimeter levels, its speed measurement accuracy is 0.2 meters/second, and its timing accuracy is 10 nanoseconds. The Beidou satellite technology carried by Huawei is a high-orbit satellite with a distance of up to 36,000 kilometers.

What are the advantages of Beidou Navigation Satellite news?

Beidou satellite messages can send or receive satellite messages through the Changlian application. Select multiple pieces of location information to generate a trajectory map, making travel more secure.

When users are in no-man’s land in the desert, are in distress at sea, are in earthquake rescue, and other environments without ground network signal coverage (no cellular network/WLAN network coverage), they can maintain interconnection with the outside world at any time to protect the user’s safety at all times.

SCU provides strong power for the Beidou ground receiving system

UPS from SCU


Continuously break through harsh environmental tests

  • The ground-receiving systems of the BDS are spread across the country. There are large environmental differences in vast areas. Factors such as temperature, humidity, dust, altitude, etc. will all affect the operation of the UPS uninterruptible power supply system. What we need to do is to carry out customized designs on the basis of standardization so that the UPS can break through the environment. and geographical restrictions.


  • The modular UPS provided by SCU adopts hot and cold air duct isolation, which can effectively improve the overall heat dissipation efficiency. It also has battery management functions such as temperature compensation and automatic current sharing, which can reduce the impact of temperature on the battery and can be used in different environments for stable operation.


  • In addition, dust and condensation can also cause circuit short circuits. SCU’s UPS has a higher protection level and can protect against dust, foreign object intrusion, waterproofing, and moisture.

Highly adaptable to different load requirements

  • In practical applications, the natural environment in many areas is not friendly, and the power grid conditions are also ever-changing. Different loads have different requirements for the adaptability of UPS, and qualified uninterruptible power supply systems can proactively adapt to different application environments and load requirements.


  • The Beidou III ground receiving system is large and complex. The system contains various loads such as resistive load, inductive load and capacitive load, and the power consumption environment is also very complex. For example, in the application of UPS and frequency converters, the load may even be capacitive, and the capacitive and inductive changes may alternate.


  • The UPS uninterruptible power supply products provided by SCU for the Beidou project have capacities ranging from 150-500kVA. The modular structure supports not only online hot swapping and online upgrade and expansion according to load requirements but also has complete fault isolation measures. A single module failure will not occur. This will affect the operation of the system.


  • SCU also integrates the advantages of digital technology and new semiconductor technology to completely eliminate the impact of various power grid problems on crucial loads. It has the characteristics of high power density, reliability, efficiency, intelligence and flexibility and provides reliable support for the smooth operation of the Beidou ground receiving system. Power supply protection.

About SCU

SCU is committed to providing advanced energy storage and charging solutions. Its main products include a high-performance energy storage system, an uninterruptible power supply and EV charger. Our energy storage systems cover a variety of technologies to meet the needs of different scenarios, including industrial and commercial energy management, renewable energy integration and emergency backup power.

At the same time, we design and produce advanced charging piles that support DC fast charging and AC charging to promote the development of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Through continuous innovation and technological excellence, SCU is committed to providing customers with efficient, reliable and sustainable energy solutions.

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