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G-Shock Caution Yellow Series: Black with bold yellow accents

The G-Shock Caution Yellow Series includes five matte black models with bold yellow accents. This is the sort of (more conventional) color series that we used to see more of in the past, and Casio has done a nice job of including some popular and affordable base models along with some more recent and advanced ones. The five models include the GA-100CY-1A, GA-700CY-1A with front light button, Bluetooth-equippedGA-B001CY-1A, GA-B2100CY-1A with Tough Solar and Bluetooth, and GW-B5600CY-1 with Tough Solar, Multi-Band 6, and Bluetooth. This is the first GW-B5600 release since the Sand and Land Series in June 2022. The Caution Yellow series will be released in Japan in October 2023, with information for other regions to be announced later.

The tax-included prices in Japan are as follows: GA-100CY-1AJF (17,050 yen), GA-700CY-1AJF (19,800 yen), GA-B001CY-1AJF (19,800 yen), GA-B2100CY-1AJF (23,100 yen), GW-B5600CY-1JF (24,200 yen).

Update: G-Shock U.S. released the GA100CY-1A ($110), GA700CY-1A ($99), GAB2100CY-1A ($150), and GWB5600CY-1 ($150).

G-Shock GA-100CY-1A:

G-Shock GA-100CY-1A

Buy GA100CY-1A
Amazon Reeds Casio eBay

Dimensions: 55.0 x 51.2 x 16.9 millimeters
Weight: 72 grams
Specifications: GA-100

G-Shock GA-700CY-1A:

G-Shock GA-700CY-1A

Buy GA700CY-1A
Reeds Casio eBay

Dimensions: 57.5 x 53.4 x 18.5 millimeters
Weight: 69 grams
Specifications: GA-700

G-Shock GA-B001CY-1A:

G-Shock GA-B001CY-1A

Buy GA-B001CY-1AJF

Dimensions: 42.5 x 46.0 x 13.8 millimeters
Weight: 51 grams
Specifications: GA-B100

G-Shock GA-B2100CY-1A:

G-Shock GA-B2100CY-1A

Buy GAB2100CY-1A
Reeds Casio eBay

Dimensions: 48.5 x 45.4 x 11.9 millimeters
Weight: 52 grams
Specifications: GA-B2100

G-Shock GW-B5600CY-1:

G-Shock GW-B5600CY-1

Buy GWB5600CY-1
Reeds Casio eBay

Dimensions: 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4 millimeters
Weight: 53 grams
Specifications: GW-B5600

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