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Huawei LampSite X: The End of Slow Internet Speeds!

As more and more people use their smartphones and tablets for data-heavy activities like video streaming, gaming, and social media, there’s a growing demand for mobile bandwidth. This is putting pressure on existing mobile networks, potentially causing congestion and reduced speed. Thankfully, Huawei offers a lasting solution to this problem with their LampSite X. Here are the details..

Huawei LampSite X, the Future of Mobile Connectivity

When too many people use their mobile devices in the same indoor space, it can lead to network congestion. This means slower internet speeds and difficulties using mobile apps and services. To address this, Huawei has introduced the LampSite X. It’s a compact device designed to enhance mobile coverage and capacity inside buildings. Easily mounted on walls or ceilings, it’s a practical solution for busy indoor areas.


The LampSite X uses a variety of technologies, including Massive MIMO, 5G NR, and beamforming, to improve data throughput, reduce latency, and extend coverage. Commenting on the Lamp Site X, Yang Chaobin, Board Member and President of ICT Products & Solutions of Huawei, said:

LampSite X brings unrivalled 5.5G capabilities indoors for the first time to comprehensively upgrade indoor digitalization: Featuring the leanest design, simplest deployment, and lowest energy consumption, the solution achieves 10 Gbps experience and offers diverse capabilities, meeting consumer demands for a more premium indoor experience and realising more powerful digital productivity across various industries.”

The Huawei Lamp Site X is a relatively new product, and it is not yet widely available. However, it is expected to be more widely available in the coming months.


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