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If we don’t start using self-made chip, the tech gap will continue to remain: Huawei Chairman

Xu Zhijun, Rotating Chairman of Huawei, recently gave a speech and mentioned that Huawei needs to use self-made chip because if it doesn’t the gap in technological advancement will continue to remain.

Zhijun mentioned that if Huawei doesn’t use it, the company will always be lagging behind. Currently, there’s a clear difference in tech in Huawei’s chips, servers, and PCs as compared to foreign products. However, if the company could use its own chip on a large scale, this action would build new confidence in the entire semiconductor industry.

Zhijun mentioned that the current computing industry is forging its way into three ecosystem forms. First is X86, second is Pentium and third is the RISC-V ecosystem. These three will continue to develop and lead the future. To conclude, Huawei’s chairman said that computing chips must built on the basis of available processing technology.

Huawei Mate 60:

Last month, Huawei started selling its new Mate 60 Pro smartphone, which is currently standing as one of the most discussed flagship smartphones due to its chip innovation. Industry analysts and media panels are finding the origin of this new chip.

Why? Because it is a Kirin chip and is processed with 7nm technology. Even with such an old node, Huawei is pulling big gears due to regaining 5G access for its smartphones.

5G is one of the main reasons why Huawei has been lacking in sales growth. The company has been producing 4G smartphones since 2021, a year after had to drop new Kirin chip production in 2020.

The processing node of the chip is surely a few years behind and it’s clear that the new Kirin has no comparison with its competitors such as TSMC and Samsung. These foreign companies are producing high-end advanced chip sizes of 3nm and now moving towards 2nm.

The one thing that’s more important for the Chinese tech maker is that the company needs to start from somewhere. Therefore, the self-made chip strategy could be a foundation stone for Huawei and its growth in the semiconductor industry in the near future.

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