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Sony announces the ZV-1 II vlogging camera for $900

Sony has been on a bit of roll lately with its new ZV range of vlogging cameras and announced the newest member today in the form of the ZV-1 II, which is the second generation model of the three year old ZV-1. Vlogging has gotten to a point where it is now more than just having fun in front of a camera. Vlogging has now become a full time business for many people around the world. With the help of social media platforms and smartphones, the vlogging business has become a lot easier with more fun.

Most smartphones have good cameras that may be just enough to handle multiple vlogging tasks. However, having a dedicated digital camera for that purpose is always the best choice. Especially for those who have taken Vlogging as a full time business.

Using a smartphone for Vlogging comes with a lot of limitations. For example, numerous notifications can ruin your work. In the worst case scenario, a phone call can interrupt and destroy the whole show. For these reasons and many others, you may have to consider getting a dedicated Vlogging Camera if you intend to take your Vlogging to the next level.


There are a lot of Vlogging cameras out there. However, you cannot go wrong with Sony when it comes to camera. Some few years back, the company launched the ZV-1 Vlogging camera. This camera combines the capabilities of a smartphone camera with a standard digital camera to make Vlogging a lot easier.

The company has just announced the second generation of the ZV-1 Vlogging camera. This comes in the name of Sony ZV-1 Mark II vlogging camera. This camera adds an extra taste to the features of its predecessor.

On the specsheet, there isn’t much to talk about as far as upgrade is concerned. The ZV-1 II comes with a wider lens as compared to the previous edition. It features a lens of 18-50mm f1.8-4 while its predecessor features a 24-70mm f1.8-2.8 lens. Unlike the ZV-1, the new lens also lacks optical image stabilization.

In actual fact, the ZV-1 has a lot of similarities with last year’s ZV-1F. From the USB-C to the 3-capsule microphone and the UI, all comes from last year’s camera.

Apart from the similar features to the ZV-1F all other features come from the ZV-1. These features include having the same sensor, processor, display, stabilization, autofocus, battery, photo and video features.


As we have already stated, the Sony ZV-1 II with come with a price tag of $900. In terms of availability, the camera will be available for purchase in June 2023.

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