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Huawei P60 Series is awesome in all aspects

The awesome Huawei P60 series was officially unveiled on March 23, 2023. However, it is the first P-series device equipped with Huawei’s independent imaging brand XMAGE, the Huawei P60 series attracted widespread attention and attention before it was even introduced.

Everyone is curious, how does this generation of P series continue the glory of the past and constantly seek leadership and breakthroughs in many aspects? Let’s find out.


Stunning design, painted in a unique “Rococo White”. I still remember when the Huawei P20 series was first released, the industry was shocked by the stunning design of the aurora color.

Then to the “Sky Mirror” of the Huawei P30 series, “Frost Silver” of the P40 series, and “Coco Tea Gold” of the P50 series. Each generation of the P series is filled with the latest trends.

When the industry gradually formed aesthetic fatigue due to the color matching of smartphones, Huawei threw stones into the lake leading the design with a “Rococo White” as splashing new ripples.

Huawei P60 Pro Rococo White

It is understood that the rococo white scheme uses the industry’s first “condensing mother-of-pearl” process. Adding a natural mineral pearl to the back of the fuselage creates a natural texture that cannot be replicated by natural mother-of-pearl, delicate and lustrous. This unique design also makes the “Rococo White” Huawei P60 series a unique existence in the world.

During the actual experience, I found that the design elements are still very flat and feel extremely comfortable.

Huawei P60 Pro Rococo White

The irregular mother-of-pearl texture is closely inlaid on the surface of the back cover. The color is not dark but elegant. The light black and warm white are integrated and blend with each other, deducing the purest and most harmonious unique texture.

Full of Art:

This is not just a smartphone but also artwork in hand. Huawei’s designers at the Paris Institute of Aesthetics also drew design inspiration from natural islands and transformed the irregular back lens for the Huawei P60 Art.

It can be said that this is a new height for mainstream mobile manufacturers to explore aesthetics. Half of the sea, half of the beach, deduces the combination of natural beauty and technological beauty.

From the perspective of the actual device, the design of the P60 Art is unique but not high-profile. It bursts out the layering and deep power of natural curves in a sense of order.

Huawei P60 ARt

Powerful Camera:

Ultra lighting night vision telephoto, another leap in imaging capabilities. Today, the imaging capabilities of phones are getting more and more “volume”, Huawei P60 series with XMAGE handed over a gratifying answer.

Everyone is no longer satisfied using a smartphone just to record life but more frequently participates in the ranks of image creation. So the requirements for a better telephoto lens have also increased.

XMAGE Camera

Prior to this, the telephoto lens solved the problem of “being able to capture distant views”, but there is still a big gap between the imaging quality and the main camera. Especially in low-light conditions and night scenes.

Due to hardware limitations, the picture quality of the telephoto camera is usually unsatisfactory, and it cannot be “suitable for both light and dark”, but it is often “picking up sesame seeds and losing watermelon”.

The Huawei P60 series innovatively solves this problem. Through the industry’s first ultra-lighting night vision telephoto camera. It introduces a unique “condensing lens group” design with the industry’s largest aperture of F2.1 periscope telephoto.

In addition, the RYYB sensor and a number of technologies work together to intake the largest amount of light to the sensor and greatly improve image quality.

In the nighttime photos taken with the Huawei P60 series telephoto lens, the background is no longer dark but shows the original atmosphere and luster. The floating clouds at night can also be seen in a panoramic view.

While the background is clear, the buildings and lights in the foreground are just right, showing extremely rich details without overexposure. For beautiful moonlight, the P60 series can also take care of both background and background.


The screen is really “immersive” because a good photo can only be regarded as perfect if it is accompanied by a good display to appreciate it. This time, the P series also launched Huawei’s “immediate display” technology. It has received the world’s first double certification of German Rheinland’s professional color accuracy.

It indeed greatly improved the quality of the screen compared to the past. With HDR display technology, the panel automatically enhances the brighter parts of the picture, bringing better visual impact.

Huawei P60 Display

In terms of shape, it can be seen from the side because the Huawei P60 series sports a slightly quad-curved design. Just like the immersion feeling that a glass of water is about to overflow, gradually forming a natural transition and just the right frame around it.

Curvature looks very warm and thin in the hand. Sure enough, as a representative of fashion trends, the P series is still “far ahead” in terms of appearance and feel.


At the same time, the new P series is also full of sincerity in terms of performance. The P60 Pro supports a super fast charging power of up to 88W. The P60 Pro with Turbo mode turned on can charge nearly half of the battery in 10 minutes in a low battery state, which is safe and efficient.

88W Huawei charger

It really brings convenience to many “office workers” who get up early and rush. It also supports two-way Beidou satellite messaging for the first time. This capability allows users to keep in touch with the outside world in special outdoor scenarios and show its importance in critical moments.

The Huawei P60 series has undergone all-around iterations and upgrades in terms of design, photography, screen, performance, and more. From this, we can see the “ingenuity” and “hands-on” of designers and engineers. On the road to leading technological aesthetics and camera capabilities, the Huawei P60 series is indeed nothing more than just being awesome in all aspects.

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