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OneDrive’s New Features Are Catching Up to Google Drive

OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage services around, with apps on all major platforms (except Linux) and Office app integration. During the company’s Ignite event, Microsoft revealed new features coming to OneDrive.

First, Microsoft is working on offline capabilities for the OneDrive web app, dubbed “Project Nucleus.” OneDrive on the web will eventually support Files On-Demand and other features in the current desktop client, with the ability to keep files saved locally without downloading and re-uploading (or using the desktop app).

You’ll be able to make edits to any file you have saved, and when your internet connection is restored, the changes will be synchronized back to the cloud. Google Docs has had a similar feature for years, so it’s great to see Microsoft catch up. There’s no firm timeline yet on when the offline mode will roll out to everyone.

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