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FBO Storage Technology Will be Applied on Xiaomi 12S Ultra

Recently, Xiaomi officially announced a renewed self-developed technology: FBO storage technology (File-based Optimization); the technology will be the first to be applied to Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

Xiaomi FBO technology can effectively avoid the performance degradation of cell phones after long-term use, read and write performance recovery as new, simulating a read and write speed decay close to 0% after 4 years of use.

According to long-term verification by Xiaomi R&D engineers, a brand new Xiaomi 12S Ultra can read up to 1900MB/s, after simulating more than 4 years of use, the read speed will be reduced to 400MB/s, and after the FBO refresh storage function takes effect, the read speed is restored to 1900MB/s, close to a brand new phone.


FBO Storage Technology on Xiaomi 12S Ultra

According to the introduction, FBO storage technology has been supported by Western Digital, Micron, Samsung, SK Hynix, Armor Man, Changjiang Storage, and other mainstream flash memory brands.

Hardware -level innovation: automatic detection and automatic sorting of mobile phone storage fragments. Meanwhile, the technology has been recognized by JEDEC and included in the official specification of the next-generation flash memory standard UFS 4.0, which will be open to the whole industry after UFS 4.0 is put into mass production

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