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How to Make Money From Your Photography in the Off-Season

Depending on where you live and what you shoot, you might not have a steady flow of clients at all times of the year. People like wedding photographers often have to deal with a period during which business is significantly lower or even stops entirely. That does not mean your income has to completely stop as well, however. This helpful video will give you a few ideas to weather the off-season.

Coming to you from Eric Floberg, this great video discusses a few ways you can make money with your photography during the off-season. One approach that I really appreciate is re-purposing existing work to generate new income. The nice thing about the off-season normally being winter is that there are a lot of holidays during it, which offer a lot of opportunities to offer new purchase opportunities to customers. As Floberg discusses, this can be anything from greeting cards to holiday ornaments. If you are struggling to find new clients during the downtime, turning your attention to leveraging existing relationships can be a better use of time and can help you to stay fresh in the minds of your customers. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Floberg.


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