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How to get a fake cell phone number online for free

So often when applying for something or ordering something online, there’s that little annoying asterisk next to the cell phone number section of the contact details form, the asterisk that means providing your cell phone number is obligatory. For a variety of reasons, you may not want to leave your real number, or you may need to insert a number from a specific country and you simply don’t have access to one. When that happens, and when the sending of an authentication code means you can’t just invent some digits, you can always find a fake cell phone number online for free.

Here, in this how to guide, we’ll explain how quick and easy it is to find a cell phone number online, one that you can use for whatever you need and then completely forget about.

Where to find fake cell phone numbers online

There are a variety of websites that offer access to fake cell phone numbers and a quick search in any search engine will provide a range of options. Some examples of these websites are Free Phone NumQuackr and Receive SMS.

There, you can browse the various options of cell phone numbers, even doing so by country of dialling code to find the international option you may require.

What to do once you have a fake cell phone number

When you’ve found a website and service you like and a cell phone number you want to use, you can enter that number wherever you need to and then click back to the cell phone number’s stream on your website of choice.

There, you’ll see all the messages being sent to that number. Remember, because these services are public and widely used, others will be able to see your message too and you’ll come across messages intended for others. That’s ok. Just remember not to use such services for any SMS you expect to contain obvious and confidential information.

Usually, you’ll want to use such a service in order to be sent an activation code and this is usually safe, as these codes would expire before any other user has time to work out what a certain code is for. You just work out which code was intended for you, enter it and you’re set!


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